Recovery From Food Fuckery

The two pounds I gained is gone. Good job, dumbass. I didn’t get a Lap Band to gain weight. *rolling my eyes* Protein shakes in the morning and actually watching my food, not indulging so much in the sliders (need to cut those little bastards OUT) works. Duh!

Yeah. As if I didn’t know that.

GM. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Shame on you is all I can say. You are in trouble and this is going to cost you BIG. And if you ask the taxpayers to bail you out when the shit hits the fan, nope. Tough titty, this time around, Fuck off and die. You got your second chance. You are blowing it. We shouldn’t have to pull you out of the quicksand, if you fall in, again. Fix your own shit, idiots.

Coffee is life.

Okay, enough of the chilly and windy. Balmy and breezy? Great. Chilly and windy? What the fuck?

Happy April. I don’t play April Fool’s jokes. I still don’t understand or appreciate them.

I also don’t understand or appreciate a world in which a homeless, single mother is forced to make the terrible choice to leave her two tiny children unsupervised in a hot car to go in for an interview for a desperately needed job because she had no one to look after her kids and is arrested and jailed. I don’t condone leaving tiny humans alone in a car in mid eighties weather to go for a job interview but I also believe strongly that there has to be a better way to intervene than to simply arrest and jail a mother in that awful, no win situation.

A local woman, moved by her plight has started a find raising campaign and has raised a nice amount of money ho help the homeless mom and her kids. This is a beautiful and heartwarming gesture. I hope that between the funds and hopefully the job she will soon find, the mom will get back on her feet and she and her kids will never find themselves in such a sticky situation. My heart goes out to her and to the thousands and thousands of single and often homeless parents who have to make difficult and often less than optimal decisions just to get through the day. They are often pushed to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t, just to survive.

And to the self righteous assholes who left mean and judgmental comments on the fundraising site, stating that she is nothing but a low life law breaker and doesn’t deserve to be rewarded for doing illegal things and putting her kids at risk, fuck you. Until you have to live her life, walk in her shoes, make her hard choices, FUCK YOU! 

I need another cup of coffee and to throat punch some holier then thou assholes.


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