Wanna See What I Looked Like Three Days Before my Lap Band Surgery?

Too bad. I’m not ready to post those pics, yet. I want to get some more weight off and do a Before and X-Number of Pounds Down kinda thing. 


I am eating so much better, today. I was busy, didn’t have time to sit around and think about shoving shit into my maw. I had my coffee, a protein shake and then got to doing shit and didn’t eat until I was hangry and decided to have dinner. I had a few chunks of chicken and some Lean Cuisine cheese raviolis. It went down well and I am satisfied. Oh, I did eat a few small, skinny pretzel sticks while my food was in the micro. A very few. I controlled myself and feel better about myself, right now. 

I think that I need to get the medium Bye-Bye Under Eye from It… The light isn’t quite killing these dark circles. It is helping but I need a little more peach power to neutralize the purple/blue Marianas Trench under my eyes. I inherited my fair skin and dark circles from my Grandmother Amie. I inherited the allergies that exacerbate them from God Knows Who and my shit sleep patterns don’t help. One day, I am going to figure this out and look awake and refreshed. 

So, Husband got his parents moved into their new house. They needed to get out of that condo, FIL is deteriorating and the stairs were a danger to him. They are much happier and safer in their new house. 

Now, to find us a new house because this condo is driving me insane and I am over it. I hate sharing a wall, I hate having my next door neighbor’s cigarette smoke coming in through my fucking windows and we just need more space. We are falling over each other in this place and I am thisclose to torching this joint. 

Must. Find. A. Place.


Corgi cuteness! 



We want to get another dog, after we move. One day. Not right away but we miss having a dog. I am lobbying for a Corgi. Husband wants a Lab. Maybe we should just get one of each? 

Loreal, there is no such thing as repairing hair. Products can temporarily glue it and make it shiny but to get rid of damage, yes, you do have to cut it. Stop lying to the gullible public.