What the Fuck, WordPress?

Where is my link button? Why can’t I insert links into my posts? Do I have to pay for that privilege? Is this some kind of sick money making scam? Am I just too stupid to see what is right in front of me? I click the link button but it is faint and it doesn’t work and I am frustrated and can’t figure it out. And while I am no tech goddess, I can usually figure simple shit out after a while. I have taught myself everything I have learned how to do on a computer. While it is hardly stellar, I get around. And I did it all on my own. So What the fuck, WordPress? 


Playing With the Appearance a Bit

How the fuck do I change the font of my blog title? Cause I gotta tell ya… I hate the current font. So much to figure out. I think I like the header I put up. 



Yay! inserting photos works. And yeah… I feel that way. Migraines suck. So hard. 

Okay, so I know how to put in photos. Does this platform support GIFs? Let’s see…


Yep. I love this GIF. Helen Mirren twerking at the Hasty Pudding awards at Harvard. I love Helen Mirren and Yeah. How hilarious is this? 

Oh, one may ask if the memes in my header are exaggerations. Nope. I am a lousy cook. The lousiest. And I am damned proud of it. I am a good homekeeper, I like a neat, tidy, clean house and my husband helps, I am nobody’s maid. And yes, I would resent the fuck out of receiving a vacuum as a gift. Vacuums are household maintenance. Not presents. 

Let’s see about links…

Uh… What the fuck??? Why is my link button not working? I can’t make/post links in WordPress? What the hell good is a blog if I can’t post links? 

Must investigate. 

This sucks. 



Let’s Get This Party Started!

The goal of this blog is two fold. First, to have a place to natter about life, my band and whatever. Second, I need to learn how to navigate the WordPress platform before I move my beauty blog over to self hosted WordPress from Blogger. Blogger has been great, but if I want to take my beauty blog to the next level, I have to take off the training wheels and make the move.

I have a lot to learn before that happens. This platform is freaking me out! It looks good, tho. Yikes!