Sliders, the Bane of My Existence

Fucking sliders, anyway.

Chips. Nits and ice cream. Go down so easily, slide right past my band without triggering it, (thus the name, “slider”) and fuck me up. I am holding steady. At least I’m not gaining weight but still… Eating like an asshole is not why I went under the knife. So, I am working on getting my idiotic slider habit under control and behaving myself, again. 

Pffft! You assholes who think that WLS is the easy way out. I’d like you to be in my fucked up head, facing ice cream and a perfectly balanced Lap Band. The ice cream can and will win. WLS can only do so much, I still have to do the work. I still have to stay out of the freezer, I still have to not eat the ice cream. 

It is cold, the wind is blowing. Why? It is colder, today than it was in January. We never did really get a Winter, by the way. Not that I am complaining, especially seeing that people in some parts of the country are still getting snow? Yeah, I am not bitching about the lack of a Winter, here. But we usually get cold, some snow and rain but this year, nope. But it is chilly and windy, today. Supposed to warm on up, tomorrow and into next week. 

I am scheduled for an aftercare appointment on the seventh. Yay! A trip to the Valley! I get to get out of Prescott, the armpit hell of Arizona. I seriously hate it here. If my husband could find a job elsewhere, we would so be out of here in a heartbeat. But, in this economy, this job market, a steady job, with good benefits is nothing to just set aside thoughtlessly so here we stay and at his job my husband remains. I’d love to live in the Phoenix area or another big city. Smaller town life sucks ass. I hate small towns. Rural living is for the birds. I was born to live in the city and I would love to get back there, one day. 

I bought press packs and pans. I have silicone and alcohol. I still need to buy Z-Palettes. My loose mineral eye shadows and blushes are about to get pressed. I am over the little jars of dust. They were fun and wonderful for a long time but I am done. I am not using them in their present form. They are sitting, unused, unloved and that is a shame because they are gorgeous and they cost me a lot of money, back when I bought them. I figure that pressed and in palettes, they will be easier to get to and use and I will actually reach for them and dip my brushes into them and apply them to my face, more often. 

Those people with that damned tobacco survey won’t stahp! I guess that my husband is going to go ahead and participate. Persistent. Pushy. They must get paid by the survey. 😛