Well, a Little Better

After my aftercare appointment, I am doing a little better. Still need to work on portion size and timing my bites better but I got on the scale the other day and am down another three and that is encouraging me to work harder. 

“Weight loss surgery is the easy way out!” Bullshit. Clearly. I still have to work hard at this, every day. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am not. But my band definitely helps. 

Mothers Day is coming up. all of the ads, blog posts are tearing me apart. This is the first Mothers Day since I lost my mom and I am just trying to get past it. I tried to power through but I have to pull back. I can’t read blog posts about gift ideas and I avoid ads and articles. I just can’t, this year. We’ll see about next. Hopefully, I’ll handle it better. I am just allowing myself to check out of this one. 

I hate that fucking commercial where idiot parents walk into an AT&T store and shush the person working there and make her whisper because their stupid baby is asleep. Assholes, if your baby needs to sleep, take it home, put it in it’s crib and let it sleep. It is not the obligation of the entire fucking world to shush because your kid is napping. And, while I am on the subject of commercials, that website builder commercial where the little girls screams “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” No. Just no. Who wants to hear that?

Yes, I am a grouch. 

It is so lovely and warm, now. It’s supposed to get into the eighties, today. I need to get out and do a little shopping and I am going to wear some of the new clothes I treated myself to and maybe sandals, too. I did a pedi and painted my toenails with Zoya Arizona. I think I need to hit Beall’s Outlet and find a new wallet. Mine is old, getting grungy and I keep fucking up my nails trying to get cards out of it. I hate it. And some fun new costume jewelry sounds like just the ticket, too. Maybe some new shoes. I am tired of floppers and sneaks.

I have a hair appointment on the eighth. I am seriously considering having a funky colour woven into my tresses. I just can’t decide if I want pink or blue… I love blue so much but my instincts are to go pink. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll do both. 😀

Fuck! Sneezing jag. Thank you so much, husband unit. All of your fucking weed eating has stirred up pollen and dust from hell and… Bleargh! Allergy attack. My poor beak and eyes… 

I need to go blow my nose.I fucking hate pollen.

I need too learn how to insert text links in this WordPress blog and how to install social media buttons. 

I am trying to think of a new name for my beauty blog. I want to rebrand, buy a domain and move to self hosted WordPress. I already know who I am going to use to make the move, set up my new template and so on. I just need to think of a new name and that is proving to be the hardest part. 

I’m crazy for even contemplating this. I am so tech challenged. 

My keyboard sucks. This laptop sucks. 


Living La Vida Lap Band

Everyone thinks that once you have weight loss surgery it is smooth sailing. That the weight just flies off and that you don’t have to work for it, it is easy, fun and effortless. That weight loss surgery or, as it is commonly referred to as, WLS, is an easy way out, a cop out, a magic bullet, a cure for what ails a fat person. 


Weight loss surgery, whichever procedure a person chooses is a tool, nothing more. If a person has WLS and doesn’t work the program, isn’t compliant with the eating parameters and doesn’t get some exercise, they aren’t going to be successful. there are ways to “eat around” WLS and either not lose weight or even gain weight back. We hear stories all the time of people who are either unsuccessful in their weight loss efforts or they gain it all back, years later.

Newsflash. WLS isn’t an easy way out. It isn’t a cop out. It isn’t cure for obesity and it isn’t a magic bullet. Weight loss surgery is a tool. Full stop. It will help you. If you are willing to work with it. It won’t “make you skinny.” If you are looking into WLS to “make you skinny” without working the program, go fly a kite. If you can run. Bitchy? Yep. Don’t ask me to sugar coat bullshit and feed it to you. If that is what you are looking for, fuck off. This is my blog, not your happy, fluffy bunny land. 

I have a 10 cc AP Lap Band with 5 1/2 cc of fluid on board. I am , for the most part compliant with the eating rules and I am losing weight. Please note that I said “compliant” not perfect. I am human. Very, very human. And you don’t get to 378 pounds by having “perfect” eating patterns. I will never have “perfect” eating patterns. My past history tells me this. My Lap Band is a tool that aids me in being compliant with having better, healthier eating patterns. Not “perfect.” better, healthier. Good. I am not in this for perfect. I am a perfectionist, it is in my nature and I battle it all of the time but that is not with this is about. This is about saving my life and getting me to a healthy, normal weight. Whatever that looks like, for me. 

How much weight have I lost? 49 pounds, so far. Not stellar. I get that. it could be more. I am not exercising as much as I could. I am a lazy slag and I know it. I need to get more exercise. I need to get these fucking hemorrhoids dealt with so I can exercise with more comfort. Fucking pre op diet, anyway. That is what started this whole business. Bleargh! I have a prescription topical that helps but I need to have a procedure to kill them. Not looking forward to it. 

Yeah. I really wanted to talk about my ass on the Internet. 

Well, that was a buzzkill. I’ll talk more about more, later,